Saturday, June 18, 2011

The art of English Conversation Classes

We welcome all people in Kabaty to join our school English Conversation Classes. If you’ve been studying English and find that you can write it but have difficulties speaking it with a native speaker, now is your chance to develop what you know and increase your conversation skills. When you have a few of our conversation classes you will better your spoken English.

We teach in the following areas

Wawrzyszew, Stare Bielany, Słodowiec, Marymont, Plac Wilsona, Dworzec Gdański , Muranów, Ratusz Arsenał, Świętokrzyska, Centrum, Plac Konstytucji, Politechnika, Pole Mokotowskie, Racławicka, Wierzbno, Wilanowska, Służew, Ursynów, Stokłosy, Imielin, Natolin, Kabaty.

A good strategy to enhance your skills is regular practice and one sure way to do this is to book a lesson once a week, or even better twice a week. These classes are ideal for any person wanting to go to an English speaking country for a short holiday or to live. You too can speak English fluently just check out our English conversation classes.

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