Monday, July 11, 2011

Giant Rat seen close to Zlote Tarasy

I was recently on my way to a friends home when I saw a Giant Rat close to the Zlote Tarasy, my first impression was it was a beaver and I was surprised to have seen it. The reason being I’m from London and the rats I've seen in the UK were much fatter in body, and not as long. The first time I sat eyes upon this rat was around a year ago.

Recently I'd been passing in the same area again and I saw the brute again, this time he was finding his way to its hole in the ground and I was positively able to identify this animal as a giant rat. The first time I sat eyes upon the rat he was running swiftly on the ledge of the walls behind Zlote Tarasy, The question is, "how many other giant rats live in (Warszawa)Warsaw?
If you have any information regarding a giant rat living somewhere close to Centrum Station by Zlote Tarasy, or anywhere else in poland then please share your information regarding this issue here at this blog.

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