Monday, November 7, 2011

SEO: Consultants Positioning

SEO Consultants positioning costs are primarily dependent on the popularity of the keywords on which you want to position the page. This can be influenced by one way links.

The greater the popularity of a keyword, the more companies positioned their hand at this word, and thus, harder to get high ranking and positioning costs are higher.

Thus, the cost will be several times higher positioning for the keyword "cars", the positioning of the keyword "mini A8".

Professionally, the analysis and evaluation of the cost of positioning is the key to success in positioning the hand.
Price undercutting.

Often the lack of effects of positioning is a consequence of undercutting the cost of positioning by inexperienced positioners trying to win at all costs the client.

Only after 2-3 months of positioning, it appears that the budget is set too low in order to "catch up" competition. Price undercutting is an effective way of obtaining the client, but usually leads to termination of the contract and the loss of several months.
Drive up prices.

Inexperienced positioned unconsciously (or consciously) "pulls" on the client side positioning for unpopular keywords that do not bring the expected results, and fixed costs allow for the selection of other more popular keywords. The effect is obvious, the client gives up after a few months and changes in positioning the company, or give up at all disappointed with the positioning, thereby forgoing the most effective form of advertising.

Drive up the cost of positioning for that keyword, results in "appreciation" of the word, and only after reaching a high position, the client discovers that some of the words, are just not worth the money. To know more speak to our seo consultants.

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