Saturday, January 14, 2012

St Catherine Jamaica

Are you from Jamaica? Have you been living abroad from many years and now wish to return to Jamaica? Perhaps the parish St Catherine’s may be just the place for you to build a house and live. Are you looking for land for sale? If you check this link out you will find a broad range of property for sale on offer, where you wish to buy or sell land in Jamaica help is available. Finding a good piece of land with all legal documents to insure the land is fully yours is taken care off by their services.

Old Harbour is in the Parish of St Catherine's it was once a very nice location unfortunately what has happened over the last few years is the government has build many council houses in the location, in doing so many bad people now live in the area and crime has sored. This has had an effect on the House Sale's in Old Harbour.

Updated on 18.07.2015

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