Friday, October 5, 2012

Guitar music relaxes me

I love the guitar.plusinek for many reasons, one of them being its diversity in sound. I think that it has a broad range of sound texture and is able be used in many different ways. It can sound really good in a classical concert and it can sound equally as good in rock concert as well as a Jazz gig. Whichever music you like you can always find a way to put a guitar part into and you can make it sound really good especially when you understand the concepts of music.

I welcome all lovers of the guitar to my wide range of teaching styles which I have on offer to any person who has a passion to learn the guitar. I encourage learning this wonderful instrument and do not let your age or budgets stop you.  All you need is the true will to learn and to put in an hour more practice every day and always keep in mind all the best guitarist had to work hard to get where they are today and if you’re serious about  learning to play the guitar you’ll have to do exactly the same.
Whether you just love simple songs played by Coldplay or more advanced songs played by artist like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani the route is the same, if you wish to sound good you need to practice. Providing your happy with that fact there is no reason why you too cant become a good guitarist and if you can play the guitar already I’ll see that you get to play even better.

Having this approach to the guitar will for sure guarantee success, students often are not aware of it but by learning just a few chord shapes you can play many songs and make them sound good, however you will be very limited if you were to leave you skills at there, you need to develop all your technique and be a well rounded musician.

Most important is to have an objective with the guitar, for example you’d like to play as good as BB king I think if a guitarist practised for 2 hours or more every day he would know more than what BB King knows and easily be able to play all his licks, the reason is simple he never really changed his style much, blues players like Buddy Guy are much more sophisticated players and in my opinion way technically advanced to players like BB King, to overcome such limitations you could try some guitar lessons by John Mizarolli.

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