Friday, January 29, 2016

When the clutch stops working ...

The clutch is a very important part of the car, without which it will not go. That's what it is responsible for controlling engine power transmitted to the wheels. His fault is related to a permanent immobilization of the vehicle. Clutch failure is associated with considerable costs, which represent a significant burden on the wallet. That is why it is extremely important to early diagnose any irregularities and prevent serious technical problems. How to recognize them? I like to take care of the clutch to not spoil?

The standard sign that the clutch is something wrong, they are a higher speed at a given speed than usual. Let's look at other symptoms, heralding the fault.

Check the clutch pedal

Be sure you should check if the clutch pedal does not make too little resistance. If so, the mechanism should be replaced. You hear a snap when you press the pedal? Most likely a defective pressure. Or pedal wipes? In this case it broke any of the rubber pads under the engine or transmission, or a thrust bearing.

The clutch slips

When the clutch is slipping, it means that the power is not completely transferred from the engine to the wheels. How do I find out? Set the vehicle on a flat, straight road, draw the hand brake and turn third gear. Slowly release the clutch pedal. If you go out almost immediately, with the clutch nothing bad happens. In case of irregular tapping from the vicinity of the motor you can no longer speak of a slipping clutch. In this case, they need to be quickly replaced because of damage will increase.

Difficulty in changing gear

Racing should fall smoothly and without any resistance. If you have a problem, you come to shift several times or hear the gnashing of taking this action, perhaps you clutch replacement. This may be because for tears or broken clutch cable hydraulic system.

Why the clutch breaks down?

Usually we do not have any influence on the coupling fails because it is a consumable item and car breaks down as a result of wear and tear. Some drivers, unfortunately, abusing them, by using outside shifting, which is incorrect. The situation is similar pressure - hypotension also did not affect well on its functioning. If you are already a fault occurs in the middle of the road, a crucial step is the appropriate drive. Towing is not a cheap service, it is worth to try to get yourself to a workshop. However, this requires a perfect rip the engine speed, because it is easy for it to fail. So change gears very gently and match them to the turnover, and you manage to overcome the route without major problems.

How to care?

Remember to always start with the lowest possible engine speed, do not drop sharply pedal and do not move that way. When you stand at the traffic lights, throw gear into neutral - thus saving the clutch. Add gas only when the handbrake is completely abandoned and push the pedal to the end. If you follow these rules, greatly prolong clutch life. Mobile Mechanic London can easily fix and replace any of the problems outlines in this article.

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